Workers Compensation Insurance Perth, WA

Workers Compensation Insurance Perth, WA

Workers compensation insurance Perth, WA is a substantial investment that your business will make to ensure that your workers are covered in the event of an accident or injury in the workplace. Therefore it is important that you find the best WA workers compensation insurance cover for your business in Perth. It is a compulsory policy for most employers and provides workers compensation insurance to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and loss of earnings of employees for injuries caused at work. Workers compensation operates under complex state-based legislation and it is our job at Coverforce Leed to understand the law for you, help you meet your obligations and manage your claims.

Coverforce Leed Insurance Brokers will not only help you find the most appropriate workers compensation insurance in Perth, WA but also;

Improve Your Business’ Occupational Health & Safety Systems

Coverforce Leed works closely with you to build the overall safety of your workforce. Coverforce Leed can help you establish and maintain:

  • Company policies to deal with legislative requirements
  • Pre Employment and Induction Systems
  • Hazard assessment
  • Incident & accident reporting management
  • Emergency management
  • Optimise Your Workers Compensation Insurance Cover

A specialist lawyer can review and amend the conditions of your insurance and indemnity contracts. This is to optimise your cover and ensure all policies are relevant to your specific operation and structure.

Improve Your Return On Investment

Coverforce Leed can improve your return on investment through efficient claims processes and a better overall strategy. We have an in-house claims team with over 28 years’ experience.

Flexible Workers Compensation Insurance for all Australian Businesses

Coverforce Leed Insurance Brokers are the experts in business and workers compensation insurance Perth, WA. We cater to the needs of all Australian businesses, no matter what size or structure. Our Workers compensation insurance solutions cover:

  • All employees who work for you.
  • Anyone receiving a wage or commission payment, including casual and temporary employees, apprentices, trainees and some contractors*.

Workers compensation insurance Perth, WA does not cover:

  • Sole traders or a partner in a partnership (your workers may be covered but you personally are not and will need other insurance, such as personal accident and/or income protection insurance to protect yourself). Coverforce Leed can also help sole traders and partners arrange these alternative insurances.

Contact us in Perth today and a member of our team will discuss your requirements and determine the best workers compensation insurance WA for you.

*see WorkCover WA Contractors Info Sheet for more information.

Workers Compensation Insurance Injury

Workers' Compensation Insurance - Can You Afford Not To Have It?

Many people don’t realise the full cost implications of not having workers’ compensation insurance. If you are found not to have workers’ compensation insurance you are firstly breaking the law. Secondly, your business will be held liable for the cost of the benefits paid if one of your workers has a work related injury (which in WA could be in excess of $600,000*), and all the additional the costs associated with a work-related injury:

  • Legal costs involved in court action.
  • Liability for the cost of any action taken at common law.
  • Fees of up to $5,000 per worker.
  • An amount equal to any avoided premiums going back 5 years.
  • Separate and further offences for every week you remain uninsured after the date of conviction.

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