Expat Health Insurance

Why is Expatriate Health Insurance necessary?

As the Australian workforce becomes increasingly mobile, choosing to live and work overseas for extended periods, Expatriate Health Insurance cover is becoming widely used.

Although many people assume that travel insurance is all they will need when they go overseas, it is in fact really only designed for short term trips and generally for medical emergencies.

For overseas stays longer than 6 months Expatriate Health Insurance provides you with additional peace of mind – knowing that not only medical emergencies are covered but also non-emergency services including GP visits, dental and physio.

Expatriate Health Insurance can include emergency assistance, personal liability cover, evacuation in case of natural disaster or political unrest, and personal wellbeing.

What are the benefits for Employers?

For employers, Expatriate Health Insurance gives you the confidence of knowing that your employees will be well looked after and treated as soon as possible, allowing their health to improve quicker and help them get back to work sooner, saving you money and time in the process. It will show your employees that you are committed to their wellbeing, which in turn is good for staff morale. It’s also a great option to have in your company benefits package when you’re trying to recruit and retain the best employees.

What are the benefits for Employees?

For employees, working overseas can be a stressful time in anyone’s life. Especially if it means relocating the family too. By providing cover for your employees’ family they will have the added reassurance that wherever they are in the world and whatever happens, they will receive prompt access to expert medical treatment and quality care. Your employees will be able to work more effectively, secure in the knowledge that their family’s health insurance is well looked after.

How can Coverforce Leed help?

Coverforce Leed delivers expatriate benefit solutions to all types of organisations. Our services are diverse and range from corporate travel insurance to all of the benefits and services required for long term expatriate assignments.

We cover the special needs of Australian expatriate staff as well as other nationalities working overseas or sponsored employees working in Australia on 457 Visas.

To learn more, please contact us and one of our experienced brokers will help you get the best expatriate health insurance.