Claims Management

Place Your Claim In Safe Hands

We are one of the few boutique brokers that provide a complete in-house claims management service. This is a rare resource and capability that adds extra mileage to the personal service you receive from Coverforce Leed.

What is Proactive Claims Management?

Claims management requires persistence, drive and dedication. It means not taking ‘no’ for an answer. It means having intimate product understanding, inside knowledge of the complex claims process, and strong relationship management and negotiation skills.

A Service that Sets us Apart

A lot of smaller brokers don’t have an internal claims person at all. That means that while you might get personal advice in setting up your risk protection, this can’t be followed through to the most critical juncture – the claim.

At the other end of the scale, many big international brokers offer a claims service but you’ll encounter one person one day and someone completely different the next. The high turnover of staff at the big firms means you have to repeat your story every time you call. The continuity of service is lost.

Our Claims Service Commitment

We are here to minimise time loss in administering a claim and ensure you get the best and fastest compensation possible. Often the very nature of a claim dictates that you have other pressing demands on your time – at Coverforce Leed we realise the importance of your claim and that’s why we want to help you complete it quickly.

  • We are on your side. We negotiate with the underwriter on your behalf to get the best settlement.
  • Our strategic relationships with our underwriters puts us in the strongest possible negotiating position.
  • In many cases our clients do not have to deal with third parties at all when they make a claim.
  • We don’t give in without a fight, negotiating intensively and carefully on your behalf every step of the way.