Understanding Risk

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge”
– Stephen Hawking

An Opportunity for Growth

It’s easy to fall prey to an unrealistic understanding of risk. Perhaps you fear your risks excessively, or more commonly, underestimate or ignore them altogether. Which end of the spectrum do you sit?

The good news is, expert advice can bring you back to a realistic risk standpoint. Wherever you find yourself on the risk continuum, you can make serious premium savings, not to mention enhancements to your business or personal goals, by undertaking a proper risk assessment.

Risk – A New Definition

Traditionally, risk is defined as the probability that an incident will bring about disaster due to vulnerability or exposure. Incidents and vulnerabilities are not dangerous in isolation. But together they constitute a risk, or the probability that a disaster will happen.

At Coverforce Leed we approach risk from a different perspective. For us, risk management need not be simply a defensive activity. Instead, we take a more positive and proactive stance. So what does this mean?

It means we harness risk as an opportunity for growth and improvement. For you, it means entering a new phase of business or personal freedom. That’s why at Coverforce Leed, we treat risk as a vehicle to take you where you want to be, not a burden or obstacle that gets in your way.

Objectivity & Risk

Without objectivity, risk management is inherently flawed. Only when you detach yourself from your personal or business situation and see the bigger picture will your true risks be revealed.

That’s the advantage of working with a risk adviser you can trust. That is, someone who can offer an outside view, and objectively quantify the exposures you face. Someone who will not force a particular risk mindset upon you.

Someone who will guide you towards an informed choice about the risks you can and can’t afford to live with.

Change & Risk

Risk is inconstant, uncertain. Its form is undefined. It changes shape through time and place. For this reason, it must be vigilantly and continually assessed. For example, realistic risk assessment is impossible without knowledge of changing legislation and emerging patterns of legal action.

That’s why at Coverforce Leed, we keep a close watch on your risks so you don’t have to linger anxiously in an uncertain and amorphous space. We are quick to respond to new risk challenges, closing off exposures as they emerge. We deal with risks in their most worrying form the open-ended kind, where there is no limit to the loss you can incur.

Through your annual risk review, we assess changes in your circumstances, your environment and future goals. Perhaps existing exposures have lessened in intensity, or new ones have emerged. Perhaps a new opportunity has arisen in your life and to confidently make the leap into the unknown, you need a safe launching pad.

That’s the kind of protection that Coverforce Leed can offer.