Our Insurance Broking Capabilities and Services

Coverforce Leed Insurance Brokers is a risk and insurance broking firm with national service reach and international market expertise. It offers personal advice from the company directors or senior account brokers, backed by buying networks to rival some of Australia’s largest insurance broking companies.

The backbone of the Coverforce Leed establishment is its directors and senior management team. A partnership of senior industry figures, the Coverforce Leed leadership represents longevity of service and leveraged expertise. Together they have established a unique insurance broking model and philosophy that delivers informed risk advice to Australian businesses and private clients.


Coverforce Leed is backed by the strength of a clustered network of over 120 Australian brokers. Together these insurance broking providers place more than over $4 billion worth of premium into the Australian market. This means significant leverage with insurers, which means more innovative and better value products.

Coverforce Leed uses the combined financial muscle of this network to offer you the best value underwriting in Australia. Known as the Insurance Brokers Network of Australia Ltd (IBNA) and its joint ventures, of which Coverforce Leed is a founding member, it builds strength in numbers to rival the largest national and international brokerages firms.

But our networks don’t end there in addition to our Australian underwriters we have access to the largest insurance markets in the world through our membership of UNiBA which operates in over 130 countries. This gives us direct access to Lloyd’s of London, The European, the growing Asian and the American Market to provide the best cover for the best price, using local people with local knowledge.

What’s more, our insurance broking expertise is endorsed and codified through our principal membership with the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA). This voluntary professional body imposes strict ethical conduct and minimum education standards on its members.


Collectively, Coverforce Leed staff have over 150 years risk management and insurance broking experience. This includes both the fine detail and big picture factors that affect all aspects of risk management, encompassing:

  • Risk knowledge: we understand risk first-hand, having witnessed almost every conceivable type of business and personal claim.
  • Market knowledge: we monitor insurance market dynamics to source the best cover at the best price.
  • Legislative knowledge: we scrutinise legislative changes and their impacts on your risk areas and insurance requirements.
  • Claims knowledge: we follow emerging patterns of legal action to identify claim-growth areas that may impact your risk levels.


Innovation can be hard to come by in the insurance world, renowned for being a traditionally staid and conservative industry. But Coverforce Leed is in a unique position to be able to push the boundaries of standard cover for our clients.

Because we have buying power in the marketplace, we source and even write policies to reflect your needs a far cry from off-the-shelf products found in the direct-to-public insurance marketplace, which are based only on what underwriters are willing to offer.

We have been known to push various underwriters on non-standard clauses that we think our clients need clauses which have saved our clients thousands in lost revenue. Clients who, with an off-the-shelf policy instead of an individualised risk protection plan, would have simply gone out of business.


Unique among the largest brokers and most well known insurers in Australia, Coverforce Leed offers each of its clients the direct advice and support of its company directors. This means:

  • The highest level of insurance broking expertise delivered by a partnership of global expertise from all sectors of business and personal insurance; and
  • Service continuity, commitment and longevity from a leadership team that’s been together for over 10 years and a company that’s been operating for over three decades.

In summary, Coverforce Leed is big enough to deliver comprehensive, national service through our networked affiliations and in-house claims management. But we’re small enough to ensure you deal direct with either a director-owner, of the company or a senior account manager that’s a level of commitment you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

Some of the industries we have provided advice to are:

  • Aged care
  • Builders
  • Clean energy technologies
  • Engineering
  • Food and beverages
  • Hotels
  • Franchise groups
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturers
  • Medical Centers
  • Mining
  • Motor trade
  • Property owners
  • Recruitment
  • Retail trade
  • Tourism
  • Transport
  • Wineries