Changes  to Prescribed Amounts for Workers’ Compensation

Work Cover WA has now released the new Prescribed Amounts for workers’ compensation for the period 2017 – 2108.

What are Prescribed Amounts?

In each workers compensation claim there are limits to the amount an injured employee can claim for reasonable treatments required for a workers’ compensation injury.

These limits are set by WorkCover WA and are called ‘Prescribed Amounts’ which are basically the maximum amounts an injured employee can claim for medical treatments and weekly payments for loss of income.

The Prescribed Amount is indexed annually based on changes in the Wage Price Index. This financial year, 2017 – 2018, the Prescribed Amount has increased by 1.37% from $221,891.00 last year to $224,921.00 this year.

Below is a table which summarises the schedule of indexed entitlements – Schedule 1, Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act as at 1 July 2017, for this financial year. For the full schedule of ‘variations in Prescribed Amounts and other Workers’ Compensation Payments’ you can visit the WorkCover WA website.

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Maximum Entitlements – Schedule 1, Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act as at 1 July 2017

Weekly payments $224,921
Notional Residual Entitlement Amount $308,339
Statutory allowances $67,476
Rehabilitation $15,744
Capped payment rate – Amount C $2,647.30
Capped damages (16-29%),(15%-25%) $472,337
Child’s Allowance $58.90
Funeral Expenses $9,813
Board & Lodging per day (Clause 15) $151
Meals & Lodging per day (Clause 19) $117
Wheeled chair or similar appliance $11,697
Specialised Retraining Program $168,691