Yes, it really is Christmas on Sunday (yikes!) and with only a few days left to take care of those last minute things – wrapping presents, buying food, catching up with friends – it’s easy to leave the house in a rush without taking the usual necessary safety precautions. Unfortunately, burglars are becoming aware of our sloppy habits over the festive season and as a result home theft is on the rise. We know you are busy preparing for Christmas, but it might be worth your while taking just a couple of minutes to read our simple Home Safety ABC to keep your home safe and secure this Christmas.

A is for: Absolutely don’t forget to lock your house, garage & shed

We all experience increased visitor numbers over the festive season and it’s easy to leave the front door unlocked if you’re expecting friends or family to call in. However, you really need to keep your doors and windows locked as statistics show that in many burglaries, the intruder has entered the house much easier than they should have. Most burglaries can be prevented by securing locks on doors and windows. This advice also goes for garage and shed doors as these are often the first port of call for burglars as they can find useful tools that we keep in the shed or garage to help them break into the house or sell for cash.

B is for: Be careful what you post on Social Media

If you’re going away, don’t be in a hurry to let everyone know about it on social media. We recommend you either wait until you are back from your holiday before you post pictures of your trip, or increase your privacy settings so only trusted friends can see your posts. By publicly posting photos on social media while you are on holiday you are advertising the fact that you house is empty and you could return to find you have been a victim of house theft.

C is for: Call on your neighbours’ help while you’re away

If you are planning a trip away, be sure to let your neighbours know. They can keep an eye on your house while you are away and do some little chores like putting the bins out and collecting the mail so that it looks like someone is home.

We know Christmas can be a hectic time for most people, but before you race out the door to the next festive activity, please take a couple of minutes to go through our Christmas Home Safety ABC.

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